Carnival Cruise Line

Mardi Gras

Carnival Cruise Line’s Mardi Gras is the ultimate playground, a floating entertainment oasis which was the perfect canvas for TAIT to showcase its cruise ship capabilities.



TAIT’s experience in providing cutting-edge entertainment technology for the cruise industry dates back to the mid-90s and, in 2020, Carnival presented TAIT with an opportunity in the performance venues on their newest ship, Mardi Gras.

“We’ve enjoyed our long-lasting relationship with Carnival Cruise Line. In fact, I started my career in entertainment as an automation operator onboard a Carnival cruise ship so, naturally, I was thrilled when TAIT was chosen to provide a complete turnkey solution on board Mardi Gras. With our partnership on the installation of these amazing venues, Mardi Gras can host extraordinary live performances and provide guests with luxurious cruise entertainment.”

– Gemma Hodgson, TAIT Head of Global Business Development

From design through to creation, TAIT provided show programming and creative consultation throughout the development of the ship’s entertainment offerings.

The ship has two venues – the Grand Central Atrium and Main Theater – and TAIT was contracted to design, manufacture, install and commission the performer flying system and control system featured in the Grand Central Atrium. Additionally, TAIT supplied rigging controls equipment in the Main Theater.

The key to automating Mardi Gras’s performance venues is TAIT’s newest automation console, the epiQ™, part of the TAIT Navigator Automation Platform.

The revolutionary epiQ™ console was designed to put the power of automation in the hands of a larger number of operators and programmers with a simple, intuitive interface that takes full advantage of TAIT’s proprietary automation software, iQ powered by Navigator.

TAIT also installed a state-of-the-art performer flying system featured in the Grand Central Atrium. This performer flying system pushes the boundaries of theatrical performance as it consists of acrobatic winches and track winch systems that can be combined in multiple configurations to create 3-point and 4-point 3D flights.

“The entertainment on board Mardi Gras represents the ultimate ocean-going experience and we’re proud to have been able to provide both of its performance spaces with cutting-edge technology and support. With our suite of intuitive TAIT Navigator products installed, we’ve achieved two things. First, we’ve allowed Carnival to play host to a variety of live performances thanks to easy-to-use controls software. Secondly, we’ve played our part in giving cruise goers endless entertainment options, whether they’re in the Grand Central Atrium or the Main Theater, thanks to the flexibility of our platform.”

– Jim Love, Head of TAIT Navigator at TAIT.

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