Mike Warren Takes Over Dubai’s La Perle Theatre

Meet Mike Warren. He’s a Controls Technician at TAIT. For this episode of TAIT Take Over, Mike takes us behind the scenes of the regions first resident show in Dubai, La Perle by Dragone, and highlights the integration work on the new fountain features, the Waterbees. The waterbees will be added to the show in the coming months!


I’m Mike Warren and this is my TAIT Take Over.

For my TAIT Take Over, I was working as a Controls Technician at the La Perle Theatre in Dubai.

TAIT provided a lot of things for the La Perle Theatre. We provided the overhead rigging system, scenic pieces and even the floor surface that the water rises a foot and a half above.

Specifically at the La Perle Theatre, I was working on fine-tuning the integration between the Waterbees and Navigator.

Waterbees are autonomous scenic boats. They float throughout the pool and we use Navigator to control their position and help them interact with performers, projections and other special effects.

Navigator is the brains behind all 14 Waterbees. All of the sensors attached to each boat report back to the Navigator server. There, the Waterbees themselves can decide where they need to go based on the position information we send them.

The Dragone team spent a lot of time thinking what they wanted this show to look like. I really feel like I have done my job well when I can step away from the console and watch the operator use this one of a kind machine we have made for them.

There is a lot of technology that brings the Dragone vision to a reality, and I am really excited to see the Waterbees make their public appearance in the next few months.

Want to learn more about what TAIT provided for La Perle Theatre? Click here!

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